Wing for Partners

Do more with your business

Wing helps businesses expand their reach, delight new customers, and boost their bottom line

Unlock New Growth

Wing gives you access to customers all over the county without any additional cost, no matter what kind of business you have

Delight Customers

Help your new & existing customers get your products the way they want, delivered right to them - at their home or work

Manage with Ease

New orders and requests for your products & services pop up on your Partner app, all you have to do is click "Accept"

How Wing works

    Customers Order

    A customer asks Wing for products, products that you provide!

    You Prepare

    You accept the order, and prepare the items for pickup.

    Delivery Partners Pickup

    You hand off the items to the delivery partner. That's all!

    Customers Order

    A customer asks Wing for a service, a service that you provide!

    You Quote

    You accept the task & edit/send the quote (from your rate card)

    You Fulfill

    As per the quote the customer agreed to, you fulfill the request!

Meet Tod

Wing helps us reach clients who would have otherwise never heard of us.

We're in LA, so we usually only get clients in LA, but Wing has helped us find jobs in San Diego, Irvine, Malibu... the list goes on. They're really intent on delivering value to their partners.

— Tod S, Owner @ Westside Photography

Have Questions?

  • How long does it take to become a Wing Partner?

    The process varies and can take up to a few days, but can be done in as soon as 2 days. Fill out the form above to begin!

  • Does Wing for Partners cost anything?

    Wing for Partners starts free, unless you'd like a tablet to receive orders, then a one-time $50 tablet fee is levied.

    Once Wing has delivered some sales to you (the exact number is calculated based on your business type), a small service fee is calculated as a percentage of each Wing order in order to help us to run the service and support our delivery partners. We only succeed when you do! If you'd like more details, please email

  • Who delivers orders?

    We rely on multiple delivery partners to deliver orders, it may be a courier service, or an insured & background-checked gig economy worker from a delivery network such as Uber or Postmates.

  • How does payment work?

    When you sign up as a Wing Partner, our system allows you to set up a Payout Account. You can set up your account to receive Direct Deposits daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

  • What is the delivery radius?

    The answer to that depends on the value your business can deliver customers in a given geography. Wing uses intelligent algorithms to automatically set up the delivery radius for your business, it depends on several factors, including but not limited to:

    - Whether another business matches the customer's specific request parameters;
    - Customer's request urgency and availability of options closer to the customer at the time of request;
    - Cost of delivery from your location to the customer's;
    - Your business' average preparation time and the customer's request urgency;

    Though, if the customer's request matches what your business offers, and the customer is within an appropriate delivery/driving range, you can be quite confident you will receive the order!

  • What tools to Wing Partners get?

    This depends on your business type and need! Wing offers access to our Partner Tool which allows:

    - Orders to be accepted, rejected, modified
    - Rate cards to automatically generate quotes
    - Automated & customizable messages to Wing customers
    - Offering promotions to customers on Wing
    - Automated reminders to customers to purchase again when reasonable (huge value add!)
    - Analytics

    Wing also provides Android tablet devices upon which to use the Partner Tool (upon request, $50 one-time tablet fee).

    In addition, Wing truly believes in the power of local business. If you have any recommendations for tools that Wing can build, update, or provide that may better help you better serve Wing customers, or even just run your business (and similar businesses), please, don't hesitate to email us at

  • What if I'm a prospective partner in a state outside California?

    Wing is currently only seeking partners that are able to offer service to customers in the California area, but please email us on to let us know about your business and where you are located!

  • I am a large prospective partner with many custom needs, is that supported?

    Yes! Please email Wing is happy to meet whatever need you have. We can provide partner tool customization, proprietary tools, white-labelled tools, APIs, SSO, multi-user systems, dev support, and whatever else you may need!

    Please also refer to: Powered by Wing

  • What is Wing?

    Wing is building the world's first intelligent assistant that people can truly count on, one that always understands.

    We use a fusion of trained personal assistants, cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, and best in class partners to deliver the Wing Assistant, a gateway to anything you can express with words. As long as it's legal, and possible, we can do it.

    Learn more here