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The Basics

Is Wing AI or Human?

Wing is a hybrid of AI and smart, trained, vetted, human personal assistants. Wing's goal is to offer more and more for less - by increasing our reliance on AI over time.

Where is Wing located?

Wing is in the cloud, in your pocket, and where ever you need us. Our company is headquartered in the sunny city of Newport Beach, California.

Does Wing work outside the US?

Not yet. We are working on it though. However, currently, we are only available in the US.

What can I ask for?

Anything. If it's legal, possible, and abides by our Zero Tolerance Policy, we can do it. There are some additional small limitations you can learn more about here.

Making Requests

How do I track requests?

Tracking your requests is easy. Wing has a "Requests" page, accessible either directly from the home screen (speech bubble icon on the top left) or via the menu where all your requests & their statuses are visible at all times.

Can I call instead?

Yes. We recently added Request by Phone. Just call your Wing phone number (you can find this in the app), and say "Hey Wing" followed by your request after the tone. You'll receive updates on your request via your app within minutes.

Can I email or SMS instead?

Not yet. We are working on more methods to communicate with Wing. There will be soon versions of Wing that you can engage in more ways with, but currently, the only way to interact with Wing, is through the app (click here to download) or via the phone.

How long till requests gets done?

5-15 min. Our guarantee is that we will offer a substantive reply/complete the task within 15 minutes - though usually within 5 minutes. To push something to the top of our list, you can use the #ASAP tag (click here learn more) using the #ASAP tag may incur charges based on your subscription.

Do I have to speak a particular way?

We tend to like it more when requests are in the format: "I need Wing to...." as it allows us to train our intelligent systems more effectively and over time, decrease the cost of Wing for our users. But whatever you feel most natural and comfortable saying, works for us.

What's it like placing a request on Wing?

First, you ask for what you need, then we'll let you know we received your request - and are going to reply in a few moments. An operator and our AI will review your request and give, or ask for any details: e.g. a quote, an ETA, etc. After that, we'll get whatever you need done.

Do I have to pay extra?

For services we can handle internally, no. For real-life services, yes. Much like a real assistant, if you ask us to order you lunch from across town - we'll order it for you using a delivery service. Or, if you ask for a plumber - we'll find & book you one. However, we'll always ask you to approve/cancel before we do anything. Learn more here.

What about safety & quality?

All of our partners have to meet our strict internal quality guidelines, legal, and insurance requirements. This is all so we are able to offer you the best level of service possible. Only at your discretion, may we consider partners that do not meet these guidelines. In addition, we use a variety of techniques to keep you and your data safe. Learn more about Safety @ Wing here.


How do I pay for goods & services?

When Wing handles payment for goods & services on your behalf, we will ask for your confirmation, and upon acceptance, charge your card for any cost of goods and services associated with your task, plus 2.9% + $0.30 (the card processor fee)

Are there other ways to pay?

If applicable on the particular task: cash on delivery, pre-payment to your Wing account with ACH (0.8% processor fee), direct payment to merchant, or Wing may execute purchases/services from your account with a merchant

Can I pre-pay for the Wing subscription?

Yes. You can pre-pay for the Wing subscription by topping up your Wing balance in the app or at checkout. If you pre-pay for 3, 6 or 12 months, there may be associated discounts, you may see these options at checkout.

Does Wing overcharge you?

Never. Wing's revenues are wholly derived from subscriptions, as a result, keeping our customers 100% happy is our only goal. Hence, we will do the best possible job to find you the best deals we can.

What about long research tasks?

e.g. You ask us to find the best items to furnish an entire home... If it is anticipated that your request must be performed by our human assistants and will take more than 1 hour, we will quote a price of labor over 1 hour before beginning. Learn more.

Will you charge my card for expensive things without asking?

Never. Wing will always ask for consent before charging your card, unless you have authorized us to do otherwise. We will always ask before making a charge on your card.


Am I hurting jobs by using Wing?

No at all. If our human assistants can handle 10 tasks an hour, and our AI starts to be able to handle 50% of those, we are then free to double the number of customers that have Wing. We are constantly growing & hiring.

I'm concerned about privacy...

We know. Privacy is one of Wing's Core Values. Your data, is your own. We ensure that you have total control of the data you give us. Learn more about how Wing keeps your information safe here.

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