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What can I ask for?

Absolutely anything, as long as it's legal and possible!

  • Reservations
    Get me a table at Nobu Malibu on Sunday
  • Vacation Planning
    Plan a whole anniversary getaway to NYC for next Saturday
  • Luxury Transportation
    Charter me a jet from LAX to SFO tomorrow at 2
  • Tech Help
    Install my home theater system
  • Calendar Management
    Push all my meetings today back an hour and inform everyone
  • Doctor's Appointments
    Find and book a dentist in my network for tomorrow at 10am
  • Shopping
    Get me scissors, a pizza, vodka and dog treats by 6pm

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Why use Wing?

Wing uses artificial intelligence, human assistants, and a myriad of partnerships around the world to be the best personal assistant you'll ever need.



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Your very own A-Team

Everytime you make a request, we use a fusion of hand-picked, human executive assistants, and powerful AI technology to help meet your needs.

Wing gets smarter over time

Wing's engineers improve it everyday - it learns more about the world, and about your preferences, and like a real assistant, gets better the longer we work for you!

24/7 - No Breaks!

Wing is powered by powerful software and a team of assistants that work round the clock to be available for you. No sick days, no vacation!

Teach Wing about you

Teach Wing your preferences, routines, usuals - we remember everything, and start automating parts of your life for you, if you want!


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What people are saying

  • “I got early access to Wing, I tried it out, and boy is this cool - I made them get me coffee, do my taxes, respond to my emails - I pay like, a Chipotle bowl a month for this”
    — Sam, Software Engineer @ Google Irvine

  • “I've been using Wing for a month now - I throw crazy stuff at them every now and then - they never disappoint!”
    — Chase, Executive

  • “Honestly I get Wing to do my job for me”
    — Amy, Executive Assistant

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