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What can I ask for?

Absolutely anything. As long as it's legal, and possible.

Wait in line

Stand in line for me at the DMV in Costa Mesa, let me know when you're 15 min from the front

Car Bookings

Rent me the cheapest car at LAX, 2 days - pick up at 5pm

Date & Event Planning

Plan an anniversary date night tonight, I forgot!! Budget $600

Calendar Organization

Bump my meetings back 1 hour - my 10am ran over - let everyone know!

Comparing/Booking Pros

Find me the cheapest plumber Friday morning ... my sink is leaking


Go get my credit card from Omnia, I forgot it at the bar last night

...and anything else! As long as it's both legal, and possible - we'll get it done


How it works


Open our app and request something! Type, speak or tap through our Explore section

We get to work

Our 24/7 assistants and AI technology get working on your request

...That's it!

We'll have completed your request!


Why use Wing?

Wing uses artificial intelligence, human assistants, and a myriad of partnerships around the world to be the best personal assistant you'll ever need.

Your very own A-Team

Everytime you make a request, we use a fusion of hand-picked, human executive assistants, and powerful AI technology to help get your task done.

Wing gets smarter over time

Wing's engineers improve it everyday- it learns more about the world, and about your preferences, and like a real assistant, gets better the longer we work for you!

24/7 - No Breaks!

Wing is powered by powerful software and a team of assistants that work round the clock to be available for you. No sick days, no vacation!

Teach Wing about you

Teach Wing your preferences, routines, usuals - we remember everything, and start automating parts of your life for you if you want!


Starting at $8.99 per month

No commitment. Cancel anytime.

What people are saying

  • “I got early access to Wing, I tried it out, and boy is this cool - I made them get me coffee, do my taxes, respond to my emails - I pay like, a Chipotle bowl a month for this”
    — Sam, Software Engineer @ Google Irvine

  • “I've been using Wing for a month now - I throw crazy stuff at them every now and then - they never disappoint!”
    — Chase, Executive

  • “Honestly I get Wing to do my job for me”
    — Amy, Executive Assistant

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